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"Both people and industries are aware of the need to act responsibly to protect the environment, applying the principles of sustainable development."


In Plastic Additives de Mexico S.A. de C.V. We are dedicated to providing the best service for our clients distinguish ourselves by our team of highly trained technical advisors. Looking constant updating, diversifying and expanding in new markets in the Plastics Industry.


Being recognized as a leader in the plastics additives market, offering solutions with products of the highest quality and the best technical advice to our customers.

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PVC plastic is one of the most important and widely used in the world. Its versatility and variety in their properties contribute significantly in the lifestyle we ​​enjoy today. Nowadays PVC is the third best-selling commodity in the world after polyethylene and polypropylene. Its low cost, excellent durability and processability, make this material chosen to be placed in a vast number of industries.
PVC products contribute every day to improve the lifestyle of the people and conserve natural resources in a world that is growing in population with increasing demands for water, food, sanitation, energy, health services and economic security. PVC is used in various fields ranging from basic services (water supply, drainage, power supply sources, etc.), transportation, consumer products and electronics, to medical devices and products. Depending on the used formulation is possible to make multiple and varied products, providing solutions to the needs of society.

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Polyolefins are the largest group of thermoplastics. They are polymers of simple olefins such as ethylene, propylene, butenes, isoprenes, and pentenes, and copolymers and modifications thereof.
The two most important and common types of polyolefins are polyethylene and polypropylene, they are very popular due to their low cost and wide range of applications.


The polyurethane is formed from the reaction between a polyol and a polyisocyanate. It is known for its presentation as rigid and flexible foams of different densities, which depend on the type of additives and chemical reagents involved.
Applications vary according to the type of system built, such as foams for furniture, automobile seats, panels and acoustic insulation, footwear, auto parts as headers and armrest, adhesives and coatings.

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