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Silicone surfactant for PU Foam

Silicone surfactants are silicon-carbon bond compounds, acting as emulsifiers. They improve the miscibility with the reactants and combined with the catalyst contributes to uniform PU reaction. Are cell regulators for the foam production also regulates the character of open and closed cell and pore size in foams.


Polyol for flexible Polyurethane (Conventional)

Polyether Polyol is a glycerine initiated, nominal 3,010-molecular -weight triol based on propylene oxide and ethylene oxide. This polyol is used extensively in the production of conventional flexible polyurethane slab-stock foams.

Copolymer Polyol

This polyol is a copolymer polyol modified with styrene and acrylonitrile polymer with a solid content of approx. 45% by weight. It is used in the manufacture slabstock polyurethane foams for automotive, furniture, sound absorption and headrest application.


TDI 80/20

Toluene Diisocianate is an isomeric mixture, it is for flexible foam manufacture. This additives gives firmess to the foam.

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